- How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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Free Unbiased Carpet Information


Carpet Sample Display with many color options  - Carpetprofessor.comYou can spend hours searching the internet for complete, honest and accurate carpet buying information or you can find it all right here. Surfing the internet for more carpet information will just confuse and confound you even more and might even drive you crazy. Read dozens of Free Carpet Articles to learn how to choose and purchase new carpet wisely.


How to Avoid Costly Carpet Mistakes

Too many homeowners are scammed or ripped-off when buying New Carpet because they don't know what they're doing and don't have easy unfettered access to all the performance details and manufacturing specifications about the carpet they are considering.


What's the underlying problem here? Why do so many consumers select the wrong grade of Carpet, pay way too much for padding and installation and end up unhappy with their new carpet? It can be very difficult for homeowners to obtain honest, accurate and complete carpet information.



You Need Sound Carpet Advice

Many homeowners make the costly mistake of trusting the advice of inexperienced or unscrupulous Carpet salespeople. That's a common mistake because many Carpet salespeople don't have sufficient carpet product knowledge or hands-on experience. If you are in the market for new carpet, don't let any one Carpet salesperson make all your Carpet Choices for you. You need to make your own choices based on your unique personal needs, goals, lifestyle and budget.



Inexperienced Carpet Salespeople

Many Carpet salespeople have limited access to complete and accurate carpet information. Their limited carpet knowledge often comes from a manufacturer's brochure, the internet or an outdated carpet sales training video. Just because they work at a carpet store doesn't mean they know everything about the products they sell.


Many Carpet salespeople are hired due to their SALES EXPERIENCE, not because of their CARPET KNOWLEDGE. In order to get hired they just need to be good at closing the sale, but that doesn't mean they are good at helping you choose your new carpet wisely. Carpet salespeople may say or do whatever it takes to convince you to buy their products whether it is a good choice for you or not.



Carpet Manufacturers Limit Information

Manufacturers create flashy posters, banners, signs and displays to promote their new and improved product lines and they are quick to point out all the positive benefits and good qualities about their products. 


But they often fail to mention the negative aspects or bad qualities about their products. That means you have to do your homework. Don't think that their brochure provides all the information you need. Carpet manufacturers are only in business to make money and everything they say and do is to increase their profits.



Here's a Trick Question

If you were thinking about buying a new automobile and wanted to know if you were making a good choice, who do you think could offer the most honest and complete information about the vehicle in question?


A. The Auto Manufacturer?


The manufacturer's brochure would show you great photos of the vehicle and describe all the newest features and mechanical specifications. They will have a color chart so you can pick out the color you like best. They might have a special financing offer to help lower your monthly payments a bit, that is, if you finance the vehicle through their credit company. The company brochure is designed to make the vehicle look appealing to you. It is not a comprehensive buyer's guide showing all the pros and cons of the vehicle.

B. The Auto Salesperson?


The salesperson you meet will ask you what type of vehicle you are looking for and will take you out for a test drive. They will show you how to operate all the newest features and equipment. They will tell you all the good points of the car you are considering. However, the size of his paycheck depends on how many cars he sells by the end of the month. So the salesperson might just tell you exactly what you want to hear, hoping you will agree to purchase the vehicle.


C. The Auto Mechanic?


But a seasoned Auto Mechanic would be able to tell you about the vehicle's service history, any common problems, manufacturer recalls and common consumer complaints for that particular year, make and model. They may also know if previous buyers have been happy with the quality and performance of the vehicle. The mechanic doesn't make any sales commission from the vehicle you buy. The cost you pay for maintenance and repair is where they make their money. 


If they give you honest and sound advice about a car you are considering, their hope is that you will trust them enough to take care of all your vehicle service needs in the future. If they give you bad advice today, you will surely find another place to have your car serviced tomorrow. This makes sense to me. 


The Same Rules Apply When Choosing New Carpet

So when buying new CARPET, you want the wisdom and advice of someone who has had many years of "hands-on" experience with the type of carpet you want to purchase. You want someone who can tell you how well the carpet performs over time, how long it will last under certain applications similar to yours, if there are any common problems or consumer complaints and how to take proper care of your new carpet. That person is The Mechanic. In carpet terms that is the same person as the Carpet Installer



The Carpet Mechanic

I don't sell or install carpet anymore and I certainly don't manufacture it, but I have spent over 30+ years selling, installing, repairing, researching and learning virtually everything about carpet of all types, grades and styles. I know the carpet business inside and out, it's third generation family thing too.



I Have No Hidden Agenda

I know how carpets are made and I know how long they will last in a given situation. I've installed tens of thousands of yards of carpet and most other flooring products too. 


I have worked with over 20 different carpet retailers over the years. I've witnessed just about every carpet sales gimmick, retail carpet scam, carpet measuring rip-off and every low-down sneaky carpet sales trick in the book. This is why I am uniquely qualified to author the most popular and most valuable Carpet Buying Guide. I am the expert carpet mechanic who's opinion and advice you should trust! 


Every type and style of carpet has its own positive qualities. However, it's the negative qualities of the carpet (they fail to tell you about) that consumers need to know about - in order to make wise and informed choices. 



About The Polyester Fiber

Polyester is one of the softest fibers used to make carpets today. It has the most vibrant colors and it resists stains and cleans easily. That's what the manufacturer's brochure says and it's true. Polyester carpets are best suited for low foot traffic applications.


What are the negative qualities of polyester carpets? In medium to heavy foot traffic applications, the pile mats down quickly in main walkways, stairs and hallways. They don't mention that in their brochure and the untrained or unscrupulous carpet salesperson won't mention it to you either. Tell that to all the angry homeowners who email me with horror stories about their matted-down polyester carpets. Learn more about Carpet Fibers


In fact, many carpet salespeople today firmly believe that carpets made from POLYESTER are better than ever. This is not accurate. Polyester is still polyester and the fact is, it is not a resilient fiber.



In Conclusion

Don't blindly trust any carpet product information derived from Carpet brochures, Carpet advertisements, carpet selling websites or commissioned Carpet salespeople. Do your homework and learn how to make wise choices for yourself. You must be sure to buy a carpet that is designed to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle. 



3 Keys to Carpet Success

You must choose the right grade of carpet and padding to meet your needs and goals. You also need to have your carpet installed by a qualified and experienced installer. Just as important is buying from an honest and reputable carpet and flooring dealer.


Here are five little-known secrets to choosing new carpet like a pro!

 - How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!


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