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Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert / Consumer Advocate - Retired after 30 years, do not sell or install carpet.

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I've been in the carpet business over 30 years, but I don't sell carpet. I know the carpet business inside and out and I can help you choose carpet wisely! 


If you want to buy new carpet for your home and hope to get a fair and square deal, you have to learn a few important things about the carpet buying process first. Let me bring you up to speed. 


Don't blindly place your trust in any one carpet salesperson. That's the most common mistake consumers make. Start by reading my free articles and information listed below. 



Free Carpet Buying Articles


How to buy carpet wisely Want to save money on new carpet? Start Here  

Carpet Styles - What Carpet Style should you select?

Carpet Fibers - Nylon, Polyester, Wool, Olefin Polypropylene,

Selecting Carpet Wisely - Selecting the right carpet for you.

Before You Shop - What to know about carpet before you shop

Buying Carpet From Home Improvement Stores What to know.

Accurate Information - Where to find honest carpet information.

Carpet Salesperson Incentives - What carpet salespeople will tell you.

Carpet Over-Measuring - The easiest way to get ripped off on new carpet!

Confused about carpet  Just like the Big Bad Wolf.. Very deceiving.

How to care for your new carpet Do you vacuum enough?

5 Keys to Carpet Buying Success - You have to get these right!

Carpet Buying Questions & Answers Pages and pages of carpet Q&A




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