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What is Your Level of Foot-Traffic?

Have a busy household? Lots of active kids or pets, entertain friends and family often? Take my Carpet Foot- Traffic Test to determine your unique level of foot-traffic. This will help you decide what grade of carpet you need to buy for your home.


In a Heavy Foot-Traffic situation you must buy a higher grade of carpet than if you have low or medium traffic in your home. Higher grades of carpet are made with better materials and better backing systems and are more durable. They are designed to tolerate more wear and tear, but the more durable the carpet is... the more it's going to cost you!



How Long Does New Carpet Last?


If you want your carpet to last 20 years or longer, you will need to buy a higher quality carpet than if you only want your new carpet to last just 5 or 10 years.


To use my Carpet & Pad Price Chart below, simply cross reference your Level of Foot Traffic with the Number of Years you want your New Carpet to Last. The corresponding number you find is the approximate COST for Carpet & Padding that is designed meet your needs and goals. 


For example, if you have MEDIUM Foot Traffic and you want your carpet to Last 10 Years  you should expect to pay about $25 per yard for the right grade or quality of carpet. (providing you buy from a reputable carpet dealer)



Carpet Professor's Carpet Price Chart 2022

(Estimated Minimum Prices Shown Below)


Carpet Professor's Carpet Price Chart 2022

My Carpet Pricing Chart is designed to help you understand the current cost for new carpet with basic pad based on it's quality level. Now you need to learn exactly what grade, type and style of carpet you need to buy and how to be darn sure you get a fair & square deal. Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet you need to buy for your home.



Selecting Carpet Padding


How to Avoid Carpet Padding Scams?


Don't be duped into paying more for a specialty padding that you don't need! You must select the correct Carpet Padding if you want your new carpet to last as long as possible. Here's several links to my articles about choosing the correct carpet padding and the carpet pad scams you need to be aware of. Be wary about salespeople who try to convince you to purchase or upgrade to more costly types of "specialized" padding for pets, moisture barrier, odor eating and extended warranty padding. Learn about carpet padding prices and the cost for padding upgrades. Read my full report about Specialty Pads.



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