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Avoid Carpet Scams! Only Buy From Reputable Carpet Dealers!

All dealers listed in my directory are locally-owned and are hand-picked by me personally. They must pass my own special set of strict rules and requirements to be listed in my directory and inclusion is by invitation only. See who I recommend near you! 


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Over the past 18 years I have found that only about 1 in 10 Carpet or Flooring Companies I review are able to pass my "Preferred Dealer" requirements! Why? Many carpet dealers use sneaky sales tactics to cheat and deceive you. They hire strong-arm sales people that come to your home to measure and do everything they can to force you to buy the products they are selling and get you to write a check right now. You need to make sure you are buying the right grade of product, at the right price and not be the victim of a carpet scam!


You can rest assured that no flooring retailer can buy their way onto my Preferred Carpet dealer Directory at any price. I don't receive any sales commission or "kickback" from your carpet or flooring purchase, no matter who you buy from! 


I use my 30+ years of carpet & flooring experience to locate and identify the absolute best of the best Carpet or Flooring dealers to recommend to my readers. I suggest you be very careful who you buy from! Where to buy new carpet or flooring? See who I recommend near you!


- Alan Fletcher aka "The Carpet Professor"




Q. Alan, What Makes Your Preferred Carpet Dealers Special?


It takes ALL my years of carpet knowledge and experience to locate, research, identify and verify the Carpet retailers that I recommend to my readers. Over the years I have learned the tricks and secrets that allow me to recognize a bad or dishonest carpet dealer, but I also have learned the ability to recognize an honest and reputable dealer when I find one. That doesn't mean that there are not other reputable dealers out there, I am sure there are lots of reputable dealers that are not yet on my list! If you know of one please let me know who they are!


I suggest you visit several carpet dealers in your area and make up your own mind for yourself. I am confident that you will recognize that the Carpet Dealers I recommend are honest and reputable and will go the extra mile to earn your business and treat you right! 



Not all "Online Reviews" you read are real!


Don't pay a monthly subscription fee just to read online homeowner reviews about contractors and other businesses. Many shady business owners have their friends, co-workers and relatives submit fake or bogus reviews to make their businesses appear more reputable than they actually are. You can't trust online reviews submitted by people you don't know. 


Unscrupulous business owners often post phony "negative reviews" against their competitors! For these reasons and many, many more, you should realize that you really can't trust ANY online or subscription-based consumer reviews to help you make wise and informed decisions. The fact is: You really have no way of knowing if the reviewer is competent, coerced, honest, educated, experienced or even a real person. This is why I created my websites and offer my own personal reviews of locally owned carpet retailers that I trust and am willing to recommend to my readers.




If you plan to buy New Carpet anytime soon...


Buying new carpet is a major expense for most homeowners. Selecting the right carpet grade or quality is the MOST CRITICAL FACTOR!!! You also need to select the correct padding, and get qualified carpet installation. Most homeowners think they can make all the right choices but let me caution you. I offer my professional advice and information totally free of charge. All you have to do is read through my website and email me if you have any special carpet buying questions. 



Where you buy new carpet or flooring is super important.


The simple truth is... even if you make all the right choices, you still need to buy from a Reputable Carpet Dealer who will treat you right... before AND after the sale, provide honest measuring, have reasonable prices and provide quality installation services. If any of these aspects are less than excellent, then you stand to lose more than just time and money...


When you visit one of my Preferred Carpet Dealers, it's important that you mention my name or my website in order to get your absolute best deal. Please say that Alan sent you. or "The Carpet professor" referred you! Redeeming my $100 off coupon is also a great way to let them know I referred you. Thank you!



#1) Do Your Carpet Homework! 


Read through my entire website and consider ordering my ebook.


#2) Visit my Preferred Carpet Dealers!


Mention me when you visit! When you visit one of my preferred dealers, please say that Alan, aka The Carpet Professor referred you! They won't know to give you their absolute best carpet or flooring deal possible unless YOU tell them I referred you to their store!


#3) Print my Discount Carpet Coupon for up to $100 off (Valid at Participating Dealers)


Present my discount coupon to the dealer upon arriving.  

(Please present the coupon upon arriving at the store...Please don't spring it on them at the last minute!)



As a Consumer Advocate since 1998 and a 30-year veteran of the carpet business, I know how hard it is to get a fair & square deal on new carpet. That's why I personally hand-pick each and every carpet dealer listed in my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory. I choose my preferred carpet dealers very carefully using my own special set of rigid requirements. It takes hours of research for me to locate and identify a reputable dealer and then once I do, I put them to the test. 


You may have to drive a little farther to visit one of my preferred carpet dealers but I'm sure it will be well worth the trip! Be sure to print out my free coupon and I suggest you call ahead to set up a convenient time to visit their store.


The Lowest Carpet Price?


If you shop around and get several bids from various carpet retailers, don't automatically buy from the dealer with the lowest bid. While getting the absolute lowest price is important, the lowest price isn't always the best deal if you get cheap padding or lousy installation.  


Carpet Prices Too Good to be True?


Many unsuspecting homeowners are lured in by television commercials claiming huge discounts on new carpet and carpet installation or getting two rooms of carpet for the price of one. Folks, The sad fact is, in today's carpet business you get what you pay for! There is always a "fine print" catch to these advertised TV offers. It is commonly known that they tend sell you inferior carpet and flooring products and then overcharge you (nickel and dime you to death) for each and every little detail your job requires to make up for the discount they gave you on the flooring. If it sounds too good to be true then it likely is. 


I firmly believe that first-class customer service and qualified installation are just as valuable and important as the carpet and padding you select. It doesn't matter if you get the lowest price on materials if the installation is done poorly. It also doesn't matter if you get the lowest carpet price if it is poorly made and doesn't last as long as you hope. Buying carpet is confusing, complicated and frustrating. That's why I created this website, to help homeowners make wise and informed carpet choices. 



Why Do You Only Recommend Locally-Owned Carpet Dealers? 


I receive and answer thousands of emails every year and hear plenty of horror stories from unsuspecting homeowners who have bought carpet from the big box stores or those nationally-advertised shop-at-home carpet retailers. The list of consumer complaints is too long to list here. You can search the internet yourself and find plenty of complaints to read if you like. Buying carpet is a major expense and you deserve to get treated fairly!


That's why I only support and recommend only a select few honest and reputable, locally-owned carpet dealers. These are your neighbors who have been in business for a number of years, have a good reputation, provide first class customer service have a vested interest in your community. They pay state and local taxes that help support your local schools, maintain your roads and so much more. They stand behind their products and workmanship and will be there for you, from start to finish,  to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase!


Feel free to contact me  if you have any questions, comments or concerns.



Alan J Fletcher - Author and Consumer Advocate


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