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How To Buy New Carpet (Without Getting Ripped Off!)

2021 by Alan Fletcher - Consumer Advocate


Anyone who doubts the impact carpet can have on a room has never been into a house built in the 1970s and seen the rooms carpeted in shades of orange, green or gold.

Many homeowners find themselves more worried about the impact of a carpet purchase on their wallet than on their home decor. The cost to carpet even a modest sized bedroom can quickly rise to $1,000 or more when including the cost of the carpet, padding and installation.



While it’s not hard to save money when buying carpet, consumers often mistakenly try to save money without doing their carpet buying homework first, says Alan J. Fletcher, who has more than 30 years experience in the carpet business, and the author of “The Complete Carpet Buying Guide eBook.”

Consumers frequently ask Fletcher for advice through his Web site. From the proper measurements of a room, proper selection, or how much carpet and pad is really necessary, consumers turn to Fletcher for solid answers.

One of the most common ways consumers try to save money is by buying from carpet dealers who have rolls of carpet on display, or “in stock” carpet. According to Fletcher, often these rolls will be factory seconds and may have inconsistent coloring or other defects. The carpet manufacturer may not provide a warranty for the carpet, although the retailer may still offer a warranty, Fletcher says.

“My advice here is to be very careful when buying carpet ‘seconds’ off the retail showroom floor,” Fletcher said. “You should have them roll it out for you so you can inspect it, and be sure to get a written guarantee that will cover any defects, even after it has been installed.”



When discussing the carpet guarantee, make sure it will include reimbursements for any additional installation and furniture moving costs, Fletcher suggests. Ordering carpet from a manufacturer’s carpet sample will insure you receive “first-quality” goods.

Brette Sember learned the hard way when shopping for carpet not knowing what to ask about the warranty and to get it in writing. Sember bought a popular stain resistant carpet for her home’s stairs, hallway and bedroom. One of the reasons Sember became sold on the carpet was its warranty. It was only when finalizing the purchase that she learned the warranty didn’t apply to carpet used on stairs.

More than a year later, Sember is still pleased with her purchase. The mother of two, she is happy with the stain-resistant carpet.

“While there will always be stains that will be impossible to remove, I believe that anti-stain treatment is a very important feature,” Fletcher said.



To save the most money, Fletcher suggests carpet buyers should comparison shop. “Don’t be afraid to take carpet samples from one store into another store to compare price and quality” Fletcher said.

“If you intend on staying in your home for many years to come, then I suggest you invest in the best carpet you can afford,” recommends Fletcher. “Nylon carpet is often the best buy, even though it may be a bit more expensive than other choices like polyester (P.E.T.) or olefin (polypropylene).”

With proper care, a good quality nylon carpet can last 10 to 30 years, making it well worth its cost of $25 to $55 per yard, Fletcher said.

“If you have pets or young children, it’s probably best to put a less expensive carpet in the areas where they will spend the most time,” Fletcher said.

The padding, which won’t even be seen, can play a big part in the longevity and durability of your new carpet. Pad of the wrong thickness or density could result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and possibly shorten the lifespan of your carpet.



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